Empowering Educators: A Framework for Right Edtech Products [Infographic]


Choosing the right educational technology (edtech) products can be a daunting task. With an ever-growing number of tools available, how can educators ensure they select products that truly enhance learning and teaching experiences? This article breaks down the process using a research-based framework developed by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), focusing on the Teacher Ready Evaluation Tool.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Edtech Products

Framework for Right Edtech products vary widely in quality and effectiveness. The right product should align with how people learn best, assist teachers in their instructional goals, and also support high-quality learning experiences. The Teacher Ready Evaluation Tool helps educators make informed decisions by evaluating products against five key dimensions of usability.

Five Dimensions of Usability

User Interface and Agency

Focus: Design of the product interface and user experience.

Key Question: Does a teacher find the product easy to use? Is everything a click or two away?

Importance: A user-friendly interface ensures that teachers can quickly and also reliably achieve instructional goals without technical frustrations.

Learning Design

Focus: Features that promote the design and also customization of learning episodes.

Key Question: Does this product help students reach their learning goals? Does it reflect sound instructional design?

Importance: Effective learning design supports best practices and also aligns with research-based strategies, enhancing student engagement and achievement.

Digital Pedagogy

Focus: Support for the development of digital-age learning skills.

Key Question: Does the product support deeper thinking, authentic problem-solving, collaborative work, and design thinking?

Importance: Products should foster critical 21st-century skills, preparing students for future challenges.


Focus: Accessibility and also relevance to diverse student backgrounds and abilities.

Key Question: Does the product represent the diverse backgrounds of students? Is the product accessible to a variety of students?

Importance: Inclusive products ensure that all students can also benefit from edtech tools, promoting equity in education.

Assessment and Data

Focus: Use of assessments to generate actionable data on student knowledge and skills.

Key Question: Does the product measure student learning in a way that effectively guides instructional practice?

Importance: Effective assessments provide valuable feedback to both teachers and students, guiding instructional decisions and also improving learning outcomes.

Using the Teacher Ready Evaluation Tool

The Teacher Ready Evaluation Tool is specifically designed to help educators evaluate digital curricula, formative assessments, and also platform products. It provides a set of indicators for each dimension of usability, highlighting essential features based on user research. The tool generates a comprehensive score, summarizing the evaluation of a product based solely on selected indicators.

Steps to Start Evaluating

Log in to the Tool: Access the Teacher Ready Evaluation Tool online.

Select Indicators: Choose the relevant indicators for the product you wish to evaluate.

Score the Product: Use the tool to generate an overall score.

Export Evaluation: Export your evaluation and scores in several formats for easy sharing and also decision-making.


Selecting the right edtech products is crucial for enhancing the educational experience. The Teacher Ready Evaluation Tool provides a reliable and research-based method for evaluating products, ensuring they meet high standards of usability and effectiveness. By focusing on user interface, learning design, digital pedagogy, inclusivity, and assessment, educators can confidently choose tools that support both teaching and learning in meaningful ways.

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