Infographic Design

You have information you want to get across. You want people’s attention. You want something that will easily spread through the Web like wildfire. You want an infographic. Give us your data or point us in the right direction for finding some of our own. Our researchers and designers will create a masterwork of storytelling that is as clear as it is informative. And, it will be portable enough to be all over the social networks in a heartbeat.


Nothing quite moves eyes across your web page like a little movement. We’ll take your presentation off of that flat page and bring it to life with animation, music and even voiceovers. Breathing life into data and information this way opens up a whole host of social media and marketing opportunities, including tapping into the all-important video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.


Click, click, click. If your existing and prospective clients are not the type to sit still and scroll through a static infographic, let them get their hands on the elements, like kids in that little room toward the back of the museum. Have them guess the answer to a tricky puzzle. Let them key in information about themselves for a more customized presentation. Give them the data they want and let them feel part of the process.


We realize that a well-rounded marketing or PR campaign can’t depend on pretty pictures alone. Infographics make people intrigued about your brand, your product and your vision. But it is the quality content that they seek out after they’ve seen the flashy stuff that truly gets them engaged. We can develop a host of compelling content, from long-form blogs to tweets, that can help transform an interested audience member into a qualified lead.


Fabled Vegas lounge-singer Sir Wayne Newton famously said that an object at rest will remain at rest. That’s why we refuse to let our campaigns be lazy. We send them out into the world in a flurry of social activity that only begins with Facebook and Twitter. And where, then, does it end up? It ends up in linkbacks to your site and higher search engine rankings through improved search-engine optimization. It ends in qualified leads for your product. Although, as Newton also reminds us, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Maybe it doesn’t end at all.

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