Acne is the major problem affecting many people regardless of their age, gender, and race. But most of the people who suffer from acne will do nothing about it. 85% are teenagers among those who suffer from acne and between the ages of 12-24. There are really some causes that make you wonder that they too can cause acne. Just have look at the infographic to read what those wondering things are.

Along with these routine things, there are some foods that can even trigger acne breakout, such as cheese, pizza, peanut butter, chocolates, sushi, spicy foods, and ice cream.

Even you experience acne breakouts on your face; there are some ways to prevent the acne. You will find those methods in the infographic clearly.

Even people follow some precautions to avoid those acne breakouts, 25% of people will have permanent scars ranging from severe to light.

For more wondering and exciting things about acne causes, read the infographic.

7 Causes and Foods That can Trigger your Acne