6 Significant Technologies Trending in the Accounting Industry in 2020

With advancement in technology, small businesses to major establishments are heavily relying on latest softwares and tools to manage their accounting work efficiently. The use of specific tools help in making the accounting tasks easier. Modern applications in accounting field help boost productivity and save valuable time. You can choose from the latest accounting softwares […]

How to find work in the Remote Economy

Remote work has been increasing in popularity for years now, but the COVID-19 crisis has definitely put the trend into high-gear. Infographic source: Nine2Five

4 Ways you can improve your Marketing skills in 2019

The list of skills every small business marketer needs to succeed continues to grow and evolve. It’s true now and will continue to be true throughout 2019. Every small business should make deliberate decisions about their marketing strategy but the complexity is leaving many owners wondering which way to turn. Graphic Credit: mu

Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday Statistics [InfoGraphic]

Retailers are realizing that Black Friday and Cyber Monday no longer stand on their own, but have merged with each other (and with the days in between) to from a single kickoff to the holiday shopping season. Online Sales are the fastest-growing – and becoming the most imporatnt – aspect of the season. Credit: BizTech

Making Money as a Writer in 2018 [InfoGraphic]

There are many ways to make a living as a writer today. From blogging and copywriting to editing and freelancing, we are presented with opportunities on a daily basis. It can seem overwhelming at first and you may be unsure which path is right for you, but really that’s the beauty of it. You have […]

8 Steps to Spice Up Your Brand’s Voice (Infographic)

Every brand, like humans, has their own distinct voice that conveys their messages to others and sets them as a unique entity. Finding your brand’s voice should be one of the first things that you’ve settled when developing your marketing strategy and plan – and that’s how important it is. It’s an integral part of […]