Americans Want Healthier Pantries (InfoGraphic)

They know healthy pantries lead to healthier lives, and keeping better-for-you products on hand can help. Data shows people who stock healthy pantry products have higher Healthy Eating Index (HEI) scores and consume less added sugar and salt.

Online Coupon and Email Marketing Statistics [InfoGraphic]

Online Coupons are a powerful marketing tool, capable of everything from doubling transaction rates to increasing happiness levels. Find out how to leverage email marketing’s most effective tactic to convert and retain customers.

UltraViolet System for Water Treatment Structure [InfoGraphic]

UV Light Systems Eliminating Bacteria and Water Contaminants Despite quality standards that water treatment plants must meet, there are plenty of harmful bacteria that can slip through the cracks and contaminate the water supply. That’s why many people are installing UV disinfection systems to safeguard their home and ensure clean water. Credit: Pelican Water

Disturbing Facts About 13 Employee Engagement

Employees are overworked, underpaid, burned out, and generally unsatisfied. Companies are having a hard time retaining and engaging their employeesm and they’re suffering. We can change this though. We need to be smarter about how we develop internal talent. We need to help employees grow to reach their full potential, and we all need to […]

Self-Directed IRA to Control your Retirement [InfoGraphic]

Do you control of your retirement? If no, read the infographic to know how to control retirement through self-directed IRA. IRA helps to get physical assets such as gold and other precious metals. Self-directed IRA is very much different from traditional IRA, in which many restrictions are made to control the investment. Self-directed IRA has […]

Popular Packaging Symbols Explained

We use packaging materials almost daily. From carrying vegetables and cosmetics to heavy machineries, the use of packaging products is everywhere. Today packaging is not only used to protect goods and transportation, it also plays a major role in enhancing the product’s image. Another role of packaging is to market the brand. Companies today use […]

15 ways to beat jetlag [InfoGraphic]

Everyone loves to travel. But all too often holidays are marred by that bane of a flyer’s existence: jet lag. There’s no magic pill to prevent it, but there are plenty of tricks to stop it ruining your holiday.

Saving Energy in the Home [InfoGraphic]

There are so many ways the average household can be more energy efficient; from being clever with your kettle to shacking up with the nearest willing man or woman, Ovo Energy gives you the low down of our top energy saving bill busters! And the best part is, saving energy and money doesn’t have to […]

Top 10 productivity killers at work [InfoGraphic]

Thnks to technology, you can email a colleague in an office halfway around the world or text a friend two blocks away. On the commute home, you can order dinner using a phone app, then post a picture of that dinner and give it a vintage, faded look. Unfortunately, sometimes workers are doing these while […]

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For Kids [InfoGraphic]

Tired of packing the same old “baon” for school? Here are a few healthy and budget-friendly meal suggestions that are easy to prepare and serve. Read these tips and ideas on how you can mix up food favorites, while still making sure your child will have a balanced diet for each school day.