Precision Modules PSK Gen 2

Rexroth Precision Modules are precise, ready-to-install linear motion systems that combine high performance with compact dimensions. Rexroth offers favorable price/performance ratios and fast delivery.

How Virtual Reality is Shaping the Construction Industry?

The construction industry is evolving continuously, and experts keep researching new tools and ways to optimize the process. In the initial days, people were using plain paper, pen, and verbal planning. With time the new technology introduced to 3D design model with CAD software and Building Information Model (BIM). These technologies smoothen the process to […]

Automation Horror Stories (InfoGraphic)

LogiGear, a world leader in software testing solutions, today announced that it has released a new infographic pointing out some of the more notable test automation incidents that its readership has seen, just in time for Halloween, called “Automation Horror Stories.”

BYOD Everyone Can Love – 6 Success Factors [InfoGraphic]

Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) IS EMPOWERING – It all started with email on the iPhone. Employees now clamor for the right to use the tablets and phones of their choice for business communication. TREACHEROUS – Diverse devices accessing corporate resoueces can undermine IT’s carefully crafted security, putting business data at risk. Credit:

A Timeline of Net Neutrality 1934 – 2014 [InfoGraphic]

Browsing, streaming, downloading and emailing are all activities we can do online without discrimination. However, internet service providers(ISPs) want to create a ‘tiered’ Internet, where they can charge different prices for different types of traffic. Many people are against the idea of companies checking in on what they’re accessing, and so begins the battle over […]

Top 10 Smartwatch Industry Statistics 2014 [InfoGraphic]

The smartwatch industry is about to explode; it’s the calm before the storm, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the launch of Android Wear to see how Motorola and LG can implement the smartwatch operating system. Smartwatches are nothing new, however, and have been around in consumer electronics right back to calculator watches. Credit: DreamChrono

How Google Glass Works

How does it work, Google’s new Glass? Why can you see with it a sharp image-layer? How does the image overlay the image of reality? The following infographic illustrates the optical principle – very simple and easy to understand. Credit: