How Much Value Does a Garden Room to Your Home [Infographics]


Adding a garden room to your home can significantly enhance its appeal and value. This investment not only increases the functionality of your living space but also offers a substantial return. Here’s a comprehensive look at the benefits, costs, and ways to maximize the value of a garden room.

The Appeal of Garden Rooms

Increased Desirability:
Garden rooms make your home more attractive to potential buyers, providing an additional versatile space that tailored to various needs.

They are more affordable than traditional home extensions, costing around £2,250 per squa3re meter.

Quick Installation:
Garden rooms installed in less than two days, minimizing disruption to your daily life.

Separate from the Main Property:
Being detached from the main house opens up new possibilities for use, such as an office, gym, or guest room.

Versatile Designs:
An extensive range of styles, sizes, and shapes are available to match your preferences and needs.

Easy Customization:
They easily redecorated to suit changing tastes or functions.

How Much Value Do Garden Rooms Add to the Home?

Boost in Property Value:
A garden room increase your property’s value by up to 15%.

Average Increase in Value: Generally, the increase is about 8.4%.

Return on Investment: Experts suggest a 1.5x return on investment can be expected.

Interior Updates: The cost of internal updates will influence ROI, so keeping interiors simple can help maximize profit margins.

Desirable Functions: Garden offices are highly sought after and can add more value than other uses.

Do Buyers Really Want Garden Rooms?

High Demand: 44% of workers either work from home or enjoy hybrid work, making garden rooms an attractive feature.

Increased Searches: Searches for garden offices have increased by 22% compared to pre-COVID times.

Stand-Out Feature: Garden rooms are a unique selling point that also helps reduce garden maintenance.

Cost and Time Savings: They save homeowners from costly and time-consuming home upgrades.

Resale Value: The structure itself maintains good resale value if sold later.

Space Efficiency: They help alleviate the challenges of living in smaller homes due to high property prices.

How Much Do Garden Rooms Cost?

Cost of High-Quality Offices: High-quality garden offices can be under £4,000, but specifications matter.

Installation: Companies like 1st Choice include free installation as standard.

Energy Efficiency: Premium options with uPVC double glazing save on energy bills.

Popular Sizes: Common garden office sizes are 12′ x 8′ and 12′ x 10′.

Function-Specific Costs: Games rooms, gyms, and also other specialized rooms may cost more due to interior requirements.

Cost-Effective Options: Prefabricated garden rooms are generally cheaper than custom builds.

How to Make a Garden Room More Appealing

Appearance: Enhance its look with natural lighting, light colors, and minimal clutter.

Accessibility: Use sliding or bi-folding doors to connect the room to your garden.

Purpose: Keep it designated for one function, such as an office, gym, or bar.

Eco-Friendly Materials: for sustainable materials and features, as 68% of homebuyers prefer them.

Insulation: Ensure it is fully insulated and low-maintenance for reduced ongoing costs.

Professional Installation: Always use an expert to guarantee the job is completed to high standards.

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