It is a surprising fact that the total number of cell phone subscriptions worldwide has been estimated to be 5 billion whereas there are 303 million phone subscribers in the US itself! According to studies conducted, 66% people carry their cell phone along with them to lunch whereas 65% people feel that owning a mobile phone makes them better parents. 37% of the people check on their mobile handsets once every 30 minutes while 18% have the need to own the latest mobile technology available in the market.

Studies have confirmed that cell phone usage, cordless phone usage and microwaves can cause damage to the nervous system, headache and fatigue, skin rashes, asthma problems, memory loss and confusion and even hemoglobin loss. The radiowaves from the cell phones can affect the brain and also the other tissues if the phone is held close to the head. Cell phone users are also at a 40% increased risk of developing Giloma tumor. About 68% people keep their cell phones on the bedside at night whereas about 16% keep them somewhere in the bedroom. Only 13% keep their phones outside their rooms while sleeping.

health risks of cell phone usage

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