Popular Packaging Symbols Explained

Popular Packaging Symbols Explained
Popular Packaging Symbols Explained

We use packaging materials almost daily. From carrying vegetables and cosmetics to heavy machineries, the use of packaging products is everywhere. Today packaging is not only used to protect goods and transportation, it also plays a major role in enhancing the product’s image. Another role of packaging is to market the brand. Companies today use packaging as a tool of marketing their services. Cardboard boxes, plastic, paperboards are among the most used packaging materials. They are used in almost every industry to provide adequate safety to goods.

Symbols which we generally see on the packaging of the products are meant for giving us information about the physical state of that particular product. Most of the times we don’t give any attention to these symbols, but do you know these symbols really play a crucial role while selling the products into international markets? Well there are number of packaging symbols and all of them give different messages.

This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, gives you an idea about the meaning of different symbols used onto the product packaging. For instance recycling symbols, safety symbols, fragile product symbol and many more, check out this visual representation and get to know about the significance packaging symbols.

Source : GlobePackaging.co.uk

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