Do you control of your retirement? If no, read the infographic to know how to control retirement through self-directed IRA. IRA helps to get physical assets such as gold and other precious metals.

Self-directed IRA is very much different from traditional IRA, in which many restrictions are made to control the investment. Self-directed IRA has both the benefits and risks associated with it.

You can hold several types of assets through self-directed IRA, such as precious metals, real estate, private equity investments, etc.

It is very easy to set up the self-directed IRA account through custodian using a standard application that can be completed and signed digitally.

If you are really interested to set up your IRA, read the infographic to know which companied in US can set up a self-directed IRA. Even third party administrators can help to set up your account.

Self-Directed IRA to Control your Retirement

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