This week we celebrate the library, an institution that has changed the lives of millions of people by making information free and accessible to the public,” said Joe Federer, Director of Social Media for the K-12 Teachers Alliance. “We wanted a light-hearted yet impactful way to honor libraries and the books that fill them. What better way to do that than by hearing from kids themselves ” “As a mother and former inner-city elementary school teacher, I understand how important education and books are for our children,” said Stefania Pomponi, Founder and President of Clever Girls Collective. “We were excited to leverage the teachers in our blogger network and allow them to work with their students to create such a fun and interesting infographic. Let’s all get out and visit our local library this week.” Other survey findings of the “First Infographic Made By Kids” includes: 51% of K-5th Graders prefer to read on a tablet or computer.

First Infographic Created By Kids

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